Living Costs and Relocation Tips if You’re Moving to Waterloo

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Moving to a new town can be the exciting start of a new phase in your life, but many people find the moving experience to be exhausting, stressful, and expensive. Moving will never be fun; there are a couple of things you can do to make the process easier and less stressful.
The best thing you can do is plan your move well ahead of time. That will give you enough time to get the right movers for the job as well as being packed and prepared on moving day. By planning ahead, you can reduce the risk of unexpected emergencies which will only add more to an already stressful process.

Cost of Living in Waterloo

Waterloo is located in Southern Ontario and forms part of Canada’s Silicon Valley. It’s close to many major cities and close to the border as well. The regional municipality that includes Kitchener and Cambridge is one of the fastest-growing in the country. The area has a booming economy, with a strong job market and businesses that are products of two local world-class universities.
Despite the recent increase in popularity, Waterloo remains a relatively affordable place to live and work, certainly much cheaper than in Toronto. In general, you can expect to pay almost $1,000 less for rent in even the most expensive areas if you’re looking for a good-sized apartment. Utilities are generally cheaper, though internet costs are the same in both areas.
And if you think Waterloo is just a sleepy little town, think again. While the residential areas are quiet and pleasant, Waterloo still has a bustling nightlife in the Uptown and Downtown cores. You’ll never feel like you’ve got nothing to do. If you’re looking for the amenities offered by larger cities, but don’t want to pay for them, Waterloo is a great compromise.

Moving Tips

Hopefully, by the time moving day rolls around, you’ll be prepared and ready to tackle the move. Here are some tips that should help ensure the process is as pain-free and straightforward as possible.

Prepare your moving supplies

Before you even start thinking about packing, get all your moving supplies assembled. Make sure to get boxes in a variety of sizes and always get a couple more than you expect you’ll need. Stock up on other moving supplies, like bubble wrap and tape as well. If you’ve got a lot of stuff to move, a tape gun will make packing much simpler and faster as well.

Use the opportunity to purge old items

We all tend to accumulate a lot of stuff while we stay in one place. A move is an excellent excuse to purge old things that you haven’t used in years, as well as donating old clothes to charities. The less you have to pack, the less you have to move and unpack on the other side. Try to be practical and unemotional. A lot of items may have some sentimental value, but all they add to your life is extra clutter.

Pack correctly

Most people don’t plan how to pack their items, leaving them with boxes that are incredibly heavy and likely to tear. By packing heavier items in smaller boxes, you make them easier to carry, and you have less risk of boxes breaking midway through the move. Save large boxes for lighter items that are difficult to carry on their own.
By packing correctly, you also make unpacking on the other side effortless. Label each box with the room it should go in and also what it contains. Doing so makes it so easy to place boxes in the correct rooms in the new home and reduces the amount of walking you have to do when you start unpacking. It also helps reduce the chance of losing items and spending hours going through boxes to find them.

Hire a reputable moving company

A professional Waterloo moving company is an excellent investment, regardless of how far away you’re moving. They’re experienced with protecting furniture and valuables and should be willing to work with you to make your move smooth and hassle-free. Let your movers know which items you want to unpack first in the new place. This allows them to pack them in last, ensuring they’re easily available when you need them.

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